Penn Lake Budget 2024-First Reading

The budget can be viewed at this link…

Penn Lake-Goose Abatement Guidance 2023

Goose Abatement Information can be viewed at this link…

Penn Lake Budget 2023-First Reading

The budget can be viewed at this link…

Penn Lake Budget 2022-First Reading

The budget can be viewed at this link…

Changes to the Penn Lake Zoning Ordinance…

The borough voted at the 11/12/2020 meeting to adopt the following changes to zoning:

  • modify front and rear yard setbacks from 40’ to 30’
  • modify side yard setbacks from 15’ to 10’.

The changed ordinance can be viewed here…

Covid-19 Update – Beaches…. and More Are Open!

As Luzerne County entered the Green Phase on June 19, the beaches and recreation areas are all open!
CDC guidelines are still in place for all areas,
The 2 Beaches:
OPEN with social distancing guidelines in place, which is recommended to be 36 sq feet per person. No group food for sale such as lemonade stands, etc. Enforced distancing. To try and keep the beach within these guidelines, the beaches are open to Penn Lake Association members only for 2020.
Tennis Courts:
Sharing of equipment strongly discouraged, benches in the courts have been removed. Social distancing guidelines apply
Playground is OPEN, with physical distancing CDC guidelines.
Open, social distancing guidelines can be enforced.

Nature Works to Treat Lake for Lily Pads and Bladderwort

Nature Works was recently here to map the lake in preparation to treat the weed growth very soon. It is an airboat and allowed here for the reason to map and treat. Lake is not treated yet. They were simply mapping to figure out the best treatment course.

Thank you to Rick Jones and Erv Carter for helping out!

2020 Census

Hello Penn Lake Park,

Just sending you a Census Status update for June 3rd 2020.

As of Today the Penn Lake Park region has surpassed its 2010 Census results!

For 2010 the response rate was 54.9% of households that responded, today your region has 55.7% of homes have responded!

Keep up the great work, please let me know if you have any questions.


Katie Derhammer

Katie Derhammer
Partnership Specialist
U.S. Dept. of Commerce – Bureau of Census
Philadelphia Regional Census Center
Mobile 570-699-9316

Clean Your Gear!

Help Reduce the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are plants and animals that have been introduced into new ecosystems and have environmental, recreational, economic or health impacts. These invaders may damage equipment and compete with native species. Anglers and boaters may unknowingly introduce AIS into new waters.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers by Following These Simple Steps

Check your equipment before leaving any body of water. Inspect every inch of your boat, trailer and fishing gear. Remove and leave behind plants, mud and aquatic life.

1. Check
2. Drain
3. Clean
4. Or Dry