Police Coverage

Please call 911 in an emergency and for any non-emergency reason call 570-443-8888

White Haven will provide a minimum of four (4) hours per week of direct patrolling in Penn Lake. Penn Lake will have the option of selecting the times and places for patrolling.

Penn Lake will pay White Haven for its police services the sum of Eight Hundred and Thirty-three Dollars and 33/100 ($833.33) per month payable on the second Wednesday of each month beginning January 1, 2015. If any police officers are required to attend court proceedings in the prosecution of crimes, there will be an additional charge of $46.15 per hour per police officer for officers required to attend those proceedings. The time spent by officers attending court proceedings will not be deducted from the four (4) hours per week for patrol time. Penn Lake will also pay any costs associated with the court proceedings.

White Haven police shall be responsible for log reports on its activities in Penn Lake. Penn Lake shall be entitled to review such log reports at its request. In addition, White Haven will provide a copy of its monthly police schedule to Penn Lake as far in advance as possible which schedules shall remain confidential between White Haven and Penn Lake meaning the elected officials of Penn Lake shall not disclose the schedule to any third party. Furthermore, Penn Lake shall be permitted to request a police officer be present at its quarterly meetings to give a report on police activities within Penn Lake for the prior month.

Garbage Collection

County Waste
800-832-1332 or 570-685-5000

Instructions for Septic Systems / Grinder Pumps

Click here for User Instructions for Septic Systems / Grinder Pumps


Flood Insurance Map

The Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map for Penn Lake Park Borough will become effective in the Spring of 2012, with the exact date pending notification from FEMA. There is a net increase of approximately 78 properties that will be included within the 100 Year Flood Plain which were not under the current Flood Insurance Rate Map that was published in 1980. You are encouraged to examine this Map in relationship to your property.

The most of land surrounding the Lake is classified as an “A” Zone.  Click here for the FEMA publication that provides information regarding properties classified as being located in an “A” Zone.

Have you received a letter stating that your property is in a flood zone?

If you need to view the FEMA flood map, it may be found using FEMA’s Map Search feature.  Note that when viewing the flood map containing your property, the location of your address will not be pinpointed on the flood map.  If you require assistance with this tool, please contact the MSC Customer Service Department at ‘877-336-2627.  For more information about FEMA’s Map Service Center, just click here. To view flood maps using Google Earth, go here.