Penn Lake Borough

Borough meetings: they are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month except December which is held on the third Thursday.

Meetings are held at the Penn Lake Community House, also through the conferencing app GoToMeeting which can be downloaded on any Smartphone or by calling 312-757-3117. The access code for both the app and phone is 384-401-149.

The Borough can be reached at 570 443-8017.

Right to Know

Comprehensive Plan

Water Quality-Test Results

To request a test at different location…

Contact Dan Eustice at 570-417-9591, email

Grass Beach-2022
Main Beach-2022
Additional Location-2022

Grass Beach-2021
Main Beach-2021

Both Beaches-2020

Penn Lake Borough Meeting Agendas

Borough Meeting Minutes



Subdivision and Land Ordinances

Permits and Applications

Short Term Rental Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application
Building Permit Application
Stormwater Permit Application
Sewage Permit Application
Pave Cut Application
PA Uniform Construction Code Exclusions and Exemptions
Lists the type of work or improvements which would not require a person to secure a building permit
Application for a Zoning Hearing
If one seeks approval of a Zoning Permit Application which has been denied or wishes to appeal any decision or action of the Zoning Officer, he or she has to the right appeal that action or decision to the Board. The Board meets on an as-needed basis. Once the application is submitted, it usually takes 3 – 4 weeks to the actual hearing date.

Planning Commission


Penn Lake Park Borough
PO Box 14
White Haven, PA 18661


Tom Carter

Council President
Paul Rogan

Vice President
Shaun Kuter

Karen Burden

Teresa Wojciechowski

Tax Collector
Beverly Yencha

Council Members –Responsibilities

Dan Eustice
Lake Management

David Longmore

John Burden

Paul Rogan
Dam, Sewer, Engineering

Shaun Kuter
Recreation, Goose Abatement

Barry Jacob
Zoning Officer

PHONE: 570-899-7149

27 North Main Street
Mountaintop Pa 18707

John G. Dean Esq.